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!! OMG, another one: Fey Military Video !!

Hot on the heels of the MARINE CHA-CHA comes this new homo-erotic (if not full-blown gay) video from some military men. If this keeps up I’m not gonna need CAKE FARTS (link NSFW) for much longer.
Thanks to Jon for the tip!

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    omg, that cakefart thing was horrible. eww.

    Totally gay. I was hoping for more shirtless. Their room is a sh*thole

    God.. that cakefarts puss is cleaner than that slobby room. They’re straight. And hot. But ya sure wouldn’t want to head over there for an apartmentfuck.

    I wouldn’t say this is fey. Although the hand gestures do remind me of a drag performance. maybe the two of them in bed is a little gay.

    While I wouldn’t mind waking up with those guys in my bed (assuming they acted a bit more masculine LOL), WTF is up with their room? They let you keep your room like a total fucking mess in the Army?

    This vid was pretty cool — fun and cool. But ‘Cake Farts’ is the nastiest thing I’ve seen in my life.
    **I’ll never eat cake again**

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