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!! OMG gossip: Sad, sad Jen !!

Jennifer Aniston still listens to cassette tapes of Brad Pitt‘s voice [dlisted]
New photos of Tom Cruise shirtless and ripped in Rio [just jared]
Milo Ventimiglia enjoys his men tall, dark, and… well, just look. [towleroad]
Jude Law plays a trannie model in an upcoming film! See the amazing makeup here. [oh la la]
Allure magazine to shutter? [jossip]
ALERT: Kelly Clarkson is not a lesbian [socialite life]
OMG stoned 9-year-old (after anesthesia) [cityrag]
Liza Minnelli is ageless [popbytes]
OMG sustainable cat hair sweaters! [inhabitots]

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    Blind! Darling, you are BLIND! Tom Cruise does NOT have “rippling abs”! Tom Cruise has 46 year old tummy flab and works out to suck it in. Bleh.

    When i read:”Milo Ventimiglia enjoys his men tall, dark, and… well, just look.”.. It definatly got my blood pumping, i cannot explain my dissapointment as to what it actually meant =D, still, Pictures of Milo are pictures of Milo after all.

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