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!! OMG, he’s naked: Bud Bundy !!

It took me a while to realize who David Faustino actually was when I got these pics but when I figured out it was Bud Bundy I was totally…still underwhelmed. But a naked dude is a naked dude. So, the NSFW pics of Bud with a Nazi flag coming out of his butt from a new show called “Star-ving” are after the jump.
Thanks to CB for the tip.

Click pics to enlarge:

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    I LOVE David Faustino !!
    He is such a cutie and has an adorable little butt!
    I’ll trade places with the dog or the flag anyday !!
    Now if we can just get a frontal shot.
    That bulge in the undies looks rather healthy to me

    Good thing I already had breakfast. Lunch I fear is ruined.

    Wow, Bud Bundy is a hot mess – even if it is for a show, a nazi flag never helps one’s career.

    I know I’m pretty much alone on this but I like a guy in some old-school tighty whiteys.

    Wouldn’t kick him outta bed..the dog-ass kissin’..Hot! You Go Bud!!

    i used to have a big ol crush on him.

    Nice! Wish he would show us a frontal. He may not be a model but he has a cute quality to him.

    I had a crush on David when he was Bud Bundy, but now he’s as appealing as Ted Bundy.

    I’d like to nip that Bud.

    Wow, great collection of photos….we don’t even have these on the Star-ving channel page.
    What, no love for Corin Nemec? You must not be “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” fans… 🙂

    I always thought that Bud Bundy was hot he may be short but damn I would do him…and the dog licking his ass is so hot; can do me anytime also..

    What an odd scene.
    I had a bit of a crush when I was younger and Mw/C was still on. I always felt bad that he didn’t have much of a career after that.
    I see he has hit rock bottom.
    So, this Andrea F.: sister? wife? cousin?
    @Chad I enjoyed Parker Lewis. “Synchronize Swatches!” Yes, I just did that.
    So, don’t tell me Corrin is on this, too? He was on Stargate SG-1 for a minute. Not the height of success, I know, but it was a steady gig. You’d think he wouldn’t have to do something weird/trashy like this.
    SO, pics or it didn’t happen. XD

    Also, I am kind of disappointed at how smoth he is. I always thought he’d be at least a little hairy. I bet he’s shaven for this.
    In other news, Bryan Cranston (the dad in Malcolm in the middle) is very much so, just not for the show. That (A&E? i forget) show, Breaking Bad, is on DVD now, and he’s in his briefs on the cover. Woof. And in Wal-mart, no less.

    A Perfect ass.Very hooooooooot.This all episodes are in Youtube,with all nude’scenes

    Hope one day bud Bundy show us his cock.Nice ass. i want to be that dog,)

    I also had a huge crush on Bud Bundy when the show was airing. As the years went by I would just fantasize more and more about him. Loved the episodes when he would be shirtless or with a tank. I am just a two years older than him. I loved his ass then and love it just as much now!

    ya id sure as hell suck his ass hole too and dick

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