!! OMG, he’s naked: Bud Bundy !!

It took me a while to realize who David Faustino actually was when I got these pics but when I figured out it was Bud Bundy I was totally…still underwhelmed. But a naked dude is a naked dude. So, the NSFW pics of Bud with a Nazi flag coming out of his butt from a new show called “Star-ving” are after the jump.
Thanks to CB for the tip.

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17 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Bud Bundy"

  1. ya id sure as hell suck his ass hole too and dick

  2. I also had a huge crush on Bud Bundy when the show was airing. As the years went by I would just fantasize more and more about him. Loved the episodes when he would be shirtless or with a tank. I am just a two years older than him. I loved his ass then and love it just as much now!

  3. Hope one day bud Bundy show us his cock.Nice ass. i want to be that dog,)

  4. A Perfect ass.Very hooooooooot.This all episodes are in Youtube,with all nude’scenes

  5. Also, I am kind of disappointed at how smoth he is. I always thought he’d be at least a little hairy. I bet he’s shaven for this.
    In other news, Bryan Cranston (the dad in Malcolm in the middle) is very much so, just not for the show. That (A&E? i forget) show, Breaking Bad, is on DVD now, and he’s in his briefs on the cover. Woof. And in Wal-mart, no less.

  6. What an odd scene.
    I had a bit of a crush when I was younger and Mw/C was still on. I always felt bad that he didn’t have much of a career after that.
    I see he has hit rock bottom.
    So, this Andrea F.: sister? wife? cousin?
    @Chad I enjoyed Parker Lewis. “Synchronize Swatches!” Yes, I just did that.
    So, don’t tell me Corrin is on this, too? He was on Stargate SG-1 for a minute. Not the height of success, I know, but it was a steady gig. You’d think he wouldn’t have to do something weird/trashy like this.
    SO, pics or it didn’t happen. XD

  7. I always thought that Bud Bundy was hot he may be short but damn I would do him…and the dog licking his ass is so hot; can do me anytime also..

  8. Wow, great collection of photos….we don’t even have these on the Star-ving channel page.
    What, no love for Corin Nemec? You must not be “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” fans… 🙂

  9. I’d like to nip that Bud.

  10. I had a crush on David when he was Bud Bundy, but now he’s as appealing as Ted Bundy.

  11. Nice! Wish he would show us a frontal. He may not be a model but he has a cute quality to him.

  12. i used to have a big ol crush on him.

  13. Wouldn’t kick him outta bed..the dog-ass kissin’..Hot! You Go Bud!!

  14. I know I’m pretty much alone on this but I like a guy in some old-school tighty whiteys.

  15. Wow, Bud Bundy is a hot mess – even if it is for a show, a nazi flag never helps one’s career.

  16. Good thing I already had breakfast. Lunch I fear is ruined.

  17. I LOVE David Faustino !!
    He is such a cutie and has an adorable little butt!
    I’ll trade places with the dog or the flag anyday !!
    Now if we can just get a frontal shot.
    That bulge in the undies looks rather healthy to me

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