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!! OMG, he’s naked: Jade from Drag Race !!

It was a real conundrum picking a pronoun for this race but I settled on he although I would have preferred to say she.
!! OMG !! reader Gummo found some pics of Jade from RuPaul’s Drag Race. You can see the NSFW shots after the jump, but I’m warning you now so you don’t get disappointed, you can’t see weiner…


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    I AM IN LOVE!!!

    he’s fucking sexy – the dress

    WOW! What an ass! Totally edible 🙂 And from all the commentary on the show, it seems that the weiner that is un-shown in these pictures is allegedly quite large (witness his/her difficulty tucking again and again!) PS: This show has totally filled the Project Runway Season 6 void for me…it’s pretty well done for a LOGO budget, don’t you think?

    ohh hot boy.
    he makes a pretty girl, but one fine ass man. gawd, u could eat off that ass. pic 3 is deeeeeeeelish. hahaha

    Wiener or no wiener, he’s got an amazing body. I’d hit it…but only if he was OUT of drag.

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