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!! OMG, I think he’s naked: Raz-B !!

Remember Raz-B from B2K? Me neither. But it doesn’t matter cause it looks like the member of the former boy-band is possibly giving us something else to remember him by – namely his weiner. Do you think that’s really him? Check the NSFW shots after the jump!
Thanks to Raul for the tip!

Raz-B (B2K)1.jpg
Raz-B (B2K)2.jpg

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    I’d ride that ALL night long…


    Hmmm I will take that. I love black C#@K!

    It sure looks like him! But if it isn’t him, I don’t care because whoever he is, he is f###ing BEAUTIFUL!

    that’s him, look at the last shot and then the fist, he’s wearing the same pattern on his boxers. very nice cock.

    Nice cock. Great body. Yum.

    Nice, but calling it a weiner? Sounded juvenile before I saw it, then once I saw it… if you need a meat reference that’s a summer sausage not a weiner!

    I don’t think it’s him… RazB has a pushed in nose compaired to the guy in this pic… Also RazB has a rounder skull… just my thought, p.s. very orgasmic dick !!! lol OMG

    If you look at Raz’s myspace , there is a personal pic with his shirt off and him outside. The body and chest hair closely matches the first pic above. I’d lean towards saying that yes this is him.

    You guys act like you’ve never seen a black guy naked; seen one, seen ’em all!!

    Look at his myspace picture with his shirt off.. he wears a WHITE bracelet… SAME with the guy in these pictures.


    belly button area exact same in both

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