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!! OMG, it’s real: Popeye Village !!

The SWEETHAVEN VILLAGE set from Robert Altman’s POPEYE is still intact and is now a park that you can visit. It’s in Malta and you can visit all the character’s houses and then go go-karting after. My new goal in life is to buy the village and live there alone and hire actors to be my friends. Sort of like Synecdoche, but even more pathetic.
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    omg I forgot to tell you that O and I where there. xoxo

    Love it! I grew up on that movie, and have always loved the music. Surprisingly no one has yet to try to turn it into a bway musical and ruin it. I want to live there with you. I could gladly pay you Tuesday…

    It’s lovely, but would Sweethaven be as sweet without Shelley Duvall in an Olive Oyl costume? She’s apparently quite literally insane and is living in Blanco, TX now, but maybe you could coerce her into returning to the set of one of her only leading films roles?

    You are so obsessed with Popeye.

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