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!! OMG, the only funny thing on Leno: Fruitcake Lady !!

Sorry if I’m late to the party on this one (usually I’m early to parties cause I’m a loser), but I never watch Leno because I’m in bed by 10 every night and because he’s not at all funny.
However, the Fruitcake Lady is pretty good. Above is a montage of some of her best responses to viewer questions.
Scooped from Mitchell.

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    I miss the fruitcake lady, she made me laugh like nobody else can. “Ms. Puss” – priceless

    I miss the fruitcake lady SOOOO much. That new cookie lady just isn’t as saucy.

    egad! I didnt know she died!!! I loved her…

    Too bad she’s dead now. RIP, Fruitcake Lady!

    Umm–not *too* late–she’s only been dead for two years. Regardless–those segments were the best! RIP Fruitcake Lady!

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