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!! OMG, back on stage: Britney Spears !!

Britney Spears kicked off her “Circus” tour last night in New Orleans to a huge crowd of screaming fans. Dressed in sexualized uniform courtesy of the Dsquared2 twins and surrounded by harness-clad bondage slaves, Britney fired up the crowd with some energetic prancing around the stage and her trademark lip-synching.
Watch a grainy cell-phone video of this momentous occasion after the jump! I know I sound snarky, but I can’t wait to see her in Toronto on the 18th!!

(see more photos at Just Jared)

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    I fuckin’ love Britney Spears!

    Love britney, i am going to see her on April 18. Can’t wait.
    Talentless or not, she is my girl.

    Trust this no-talent to do whatever Madonna has done… Only 10 years late, and 7% as good. Why anyone cares is beyond me.

    She fucking sucks and I can’t understand why you’d pay to see someone lip sync.

    why anyone would pay big bucks to watch some low-talent cow lip-synch ?? it’s beyond me.

    the show was fantastic last night! and i loved every minute of her lip-synching! definately her comeback!

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