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!! OMG, delicious: Scanwiches !!

I really want to take a bite out of these scanned sammies and I feel like I could. THIS blogger is teasing me with delicious mayonnaise and I can’t stand it. Sorry, I’ve had the flu this week and am finally getting my appetite back but trying not to eat anything so I can stay at my goal weight till summer!
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    I don’t know… was he scanning his butt cheeks before that?
    The glass is clean?
    so many questions, so many sanitary doubts…what to do?
    who cares, a double pastrami with pickles, please!

    I blogged about this this today (props to OMG) and then I ate a big sandwich.

    They put my sammich to shame.
    I had a boring old Jif peanut butter with mesquite bean jelly sammich for din dins.
    I want a BLT with Mayo now. 🙁

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