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!! OMG, fantasy: Leather Lace-Up Pants !!

Check out these leather lace-ups from Givenchy that OMG friend Tommy caught someone wearing at Paris fashion week. They’re like that dream I have where the bottom half of me is Edward Scissorhands and the top half is CARMINDY. God I love that girl – I just want her to come over every morning and tell me about how beautiful my eyes are and how she wants to make them pop, and then scold me when I get insecure about my flaws.
Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, be sure to see more photos of show-goers at the FW 09 Paris Fashion Week on JAK & JIL and PRODUZENTIN’S faves from Bernard Wilhelm and Maison Martin Margiela.

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    ZOMG!! If my legs did not look like some forest tree creature, I’d so get those!
    Otherwise i’d look like some horrid cosplay.

    love it

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