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!! OMG gossip: Britney’s set list leaked !!

OMG leaked Britney Spears concert set list! [socialite life]
If you thought Jennifer Aniston couldn’t sink any lower in her publicity-whoring, watch her eat a dog biscuit on this German talk show to promote Marley and Me [bwe]
OMG shirtless Jonas Brothers! [towleroad]
Kevin Federline gets fatter every day [dlisted]
How does Jesus keep up with Madonna? Being 22 is not enough. [oh la la]
Miley Cyrus jogs with shirtless boyfriend Justin Gaston [popbytes]
Kanye West‘s new girlfriend Amber Rose is one fierce tranny [candy kirby]
OMG Chris Brown and Rihanna back together? [l.a. rag mag]
Pete Wentz doesn’t let just anyone blow out his hair [pitnb]
Newborn baby giraffe alert [zooborns]
The days of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” could be numbered [queerty]

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    Oh dear… I JUST now get the Jesus and Madonna reference…

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