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!! OMG, he’s naked: Eric Sanchez !!

Amazing Race winner Eric Sanchez apparently did a little jerk-session for a girlfriend, and she’s decided to leak the pictures. See the NSFW photos after the jump.


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    i don’t know so much about for the gf, if he was doing this for her, most women don’t want to see the cum in the hand.. but even more interesting… why turn around and show his ass for his gf, isn’t that more of a gay thing to want to see the ass?

    I love technology.

    Shaun Michaels, where is he supposed to shoot–on the floor? I think it’s pretty much standard operating procedure, gay or straight, for a guy to catch his load in his hand. Grow up!

    LA face with Oakland booty!


    I would eat him all up!!!

    Omg what a hot cock and hot ass…and Im sure if he jerked off in his hand, it was there to eat!!

    Since when is it hetero 2 cum on your own hand & jerk yourself off? Its still hot tho,but not very ungay…a gf huh? My Aunt Fanny! Wonder if he licked it off afterwards?! What aaste not 2!

    He’s got a very nice package.

    What makes you think “girl”friend?

    Wow. What woman wouldn’t love receiving that.
    Straight men often have the most deluded ideas about what turns women on.

    I don’t know what Patrick considers special (two of ’em, maybe?), but I’d take it!

    Just been snooping around, it is infact him 😮 He even confirmed it!

    Back’s much better than the front…

    I remember him, one of the frat boys.

    I don’t think it’s him….
    his jaw looks different in the pictures at the top and the head is missing! It could be anyone!

    soooooo hotttttt yet so nasty

    Nothing special..


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