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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Josh Duhamel !!

Turns out Fergie isn’t the only one who has seen her husband Josh Duhamel naked. He drops his drawer’s in the movies Win A Date With Tad Hamilton and The Picture of Dorian Gray. He also gives us full frontal in some modeling shots.
See the NSFW pictures after the jump!


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    Fergie made a comment about his nudes… she said that “He is much better in person” and “the pictures don’t fully show his actual potential”
    Hmm I’d love to see his full potential hahaha

    I think the B/W photos are from the same book as the ones of Galen Garing (Days Of Our Lives, formerly of Passions). I need to get that book…

    What a find! Thanks so much!


    the naked picture is a fake i think, it’s been on a few websites

    Hmmm, of course gorgeous but I thought he would have been bigger.

    No, it’s real. It’s from the book “As I See It” by Photographer Greg Gorman. And I agree, I’d love to see Josh at his FULL potential……

    Frank posted the B&W ones already. They’re from some book.

    What’s funny to me about Fergie defending his teeny weeny in those nude shots is that she actually has to acknowledge that he has a teeny weeny in those nude shots. Poor Josh must have shriveled a little.

    troschne is right, the nude is not a fake it’s from a photographer’s book

    I certainly would not kick him out of bed!!!

    I would cook and clean for him, anytime. John Boston,Ma.

    That is not small really, its an odd angle, he clearly points to the right, and the shot doesnt show his full lenght.. he’s still fucking hot, whats everyones hang up about penis size, my god?
    Most guys are a little unimpressive flaccid, its such a bad bad representation..

    Gorgeous,stunnung & a grower Im sure! Nice n thick,nice big head! All u size queens,Godzillas dick probably wouldnt be big enough 2 fill your cavernous holes! LOL!


    Ummmm, wow you are really up do date on here. The nude photos of Josh have been around for YEARS.

    omg would love to eat that hot ass and of course eat all the cream out of that nice hot cock

    He is hot with a great cock. Most of dudes who think he is small, must have baby dicks and are afraid to show’em

    Damn, he is hottt. You actually showed his dick, which is beautiful. I’d suck him off and swallow for days on end. Please post more.

    I wanna suck him dryyyyy……
    Lick him from head to toe….. so HOTTTT!!!!!!!!

    omfg! i would let Josh Duhmel do anything to me. I would suck his dick until he had no more jizz left. im gay, tho. i wish he came out one day, said he was gay. he could stick his dick up my ass anytime. i wish he would rub his dick against mine and jizz on my face. fuck i want him.

    That boy is an absolute sex god. Damn, I want to tear the clothes off his back and lick and kiss every inch of that beautiful body, sucking his nips, licking his pits, sucking his dick and balls, burying my tongue in his hot asscrack, I’d even suck his toes. That cute face and boyish smile just melt me. Da-yum.

    That man is FUCKING HOT!!!!!!! wanna suk him dryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD X*

    Gorgeous well-rounded butts, with beautiful buttcrack.Beautiful semi-erect thoroughly circumcised cock which represents well millions of US cut cocks.I’ve seen seen some in showers and lockers in US Univesities but those compare poorly to this one although ressemblence is near.

    I wanna sit on his face.

    Josh is hot I wanna pound his cute little dick and ass

    What a HOT ass, tight deep crack…the best type of ass for fucking doggy style..

    I want to play with him all weekend. Cute face, nice cut cock. Keen to have him cum all over face.

    He is so yummy, I wanna eat his brains out then fry his cock for dinner mmmmmmm

    Fergie is one lucky woman: I just LOVE those “I don’t give a shyt” type of guys like Josh!! They do what they want and to hell with what others think cause the only people who matter are his wife and yet to be born child. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is obviously trying to put a smile on Fergie’s face with his antics–I’m sure she must feel so unsexy right now given she’s about to go into labour anyday. LOVE HIM.

    Good example of a typical US cut cock…Well rounded buttocks,fuckable!

    That typical all-American cut cock, nice balls, and..and.an incredibly sexy well-rounded buttocks wih a big deep crack:redy to be penetrated by my fat big uncut dick!

    awesome buttockes for butt rimming! He must like that! Smaill cut dick!

    Beautiful ass!!! I’d f him until my nuts were empty!

    Josh can get it

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