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!! OMG, he’s naked: Rick Schroder !!

In the TV movie Texas, Rick Schroder goes skinny dipping and shows off his cute little butt. If I’m not mistaken there might be a bit of fruit bowl going on as well. Check out the NSFW pictures after the jump.

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    Guys, this was 15 years ago…look at some recent pics. Time hasn’t been kind!

    checked out the frontal in the link Jayde gave. ah, too bad he’s not intact.

    Naked Republican!!!!

    omg what a hot hunk and love that ass, wish he would bend over and spread, cause Im so hungry to munch…

    Well that cute little butt has weathered far better than his face. LOL

    the movie came out in 1994

    Did you all know that sweet assed little Ricky is a Mormon now? Why isn’t that magic underwear covering that cute ass? I wonder what the Prophet thinks of this! 🙂

    wow.. u can see a little of the silver spoons.. haha

    Agreed, Paul! I too have always thought he was a hottie. He sure has held up well throughout the years!

    You right… check the balls from the back in the 2nd last pic… would love to climb in there and suck them dry for this cutie pie….

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