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!! OMG, he’s naked: Robson Green !!

I’m glad someone helped me find this video clip as I probably never would have flipped the television over to Extreme Fishing without some sort of underlying motivation. Host Robson Green takes his fishing skills to the limit when he strips naked and catches a big one with his hands (watch the NSFW video after the jump and decide if I’m talking about the fish).

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    Look at 45 seconds

    So…what’s the deal with the other guys standing there watching? It’s like their eyes are glued to him. Just a bit weird. And the camera was sure to frame them in the shot. They could have just focused on him, so something’s up. Maybe three things…. XD

    you should check out his old series Wire in the Blood from BBC. great show, he’s hot, and in one episode he’s starkers from all angles.

    Oh we knew you were talking about the fish. When you say naked you almost always mean no frontal. He is kinda sexy, if his uniform was that sparse the show might be worth watching.

    I’ve loved him for a long time! Cute, cute ass. Wish he’d dropped that fish.
    Thanks for posting this!

    But..slight correction — He ISN’T naked — he kept his hat on!!

    oh my god, that man is hot!

    DILF!!! G’damn pixelation.

    a curse upon the man who invented pixelation!!

    I want t three-way with him and Mike Rowe!!!!!

    The man is so hot!!! Wish he had dropped the fish..emmm!!!!

    i’ve never watched the show before, but he’s quite the daddy, isn’t he? nice find!

    Lucky fish

    This Daddy is HOT!!!!

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