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!! OMG, how illustrative: Power Toilet !!

If you’ve ever pooped out 2.5 pounds of carrots, 18 large hot dogs, or 78 plastic letters and numbers you really must watch THIS VIDEO and then buy the featured toilet. It’s so redundant but infinitely entertaining! I mean, I got the point after the chess pieces but watched until the dog food.

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    Waste of food and good stuff to prove a point which does not come close to shit. They just tweek the method which toilets usually work. Suction first then follow by water. Usual toilets flush water then suck the whole lot burdening the pipe.

    I would have been REALLY impressed if that thing could flush a small child.

    Nothing of those stuff the guy dumped into the toilet are sticky, slimy, mushy like human’s stools. BAH!

    Flushing down plastic ABC’s? Lame. He’s a big time filthy polluter!

    BIG DEAL! I gar-on-tee that if they let me take a dump in it, they’d be sending all their toilet designers back to the drawing board! Haven’t met a toilet yet that I couldn’t manage to plug up with what comes outta me.

    I thought I was the only one who liked to flush thing. What a waste of good gummi bears!

    yaaaay! the sewer children must have had so much fun!!!

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