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!! OMG, how latent: Girls-Boys Video !!

This video for Pierre Nadeau is maybe the gayest thing I’ve seen that’s trying to be the straight. I especially love the guy in the turquoise trunks playing air guitar…and why are they dancing on the beach and suddenly there’s one shot of a church?

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    There’s a tv program from the Quebec’s version of much music who’ve done a remake of that clip. You should have a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDVu6RIZQxo

    Riveting. Just riveting. I always dance on the beach during the day. Then I go home and change into my smart chinos and go dance some more. Life is so simple. And awesome.

    Is this really a real thing???
    It looks like a spoof clip (albeit a poor one) from an early-mid ’90s Australian sketch comedy show…Fast Forward or Full Frontal.

    Chee-zee, Chee-zee, all across the land.

    I had that hair style and that hair style and that….
    I figured the church thing out. He switched over to “organ” on his synthesizer (sp). ZOMG!! That sound is not coming from the church but his little keyboard. NO WAI!!

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