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!! OMG, my hero: Owner of 500 Cats !!

This man has a cat ranch that he calls a “Field of Dreams”. The Caboodle Ranch houses strays and frays from all over America. It has a chapel, a school, a police department, a WalMart, and “The Cat-nap Inn”. It’s all so insanely amazing but one thing is killing me…why isn’t he dressing them up? He’s got every opportunity to be a megalocatiac and rule over a city of cat people. Let’s all send him costumes so that he may fulfill my dream!

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    NILES…..u are a disgusting human being. I hope a cat never strays our sad way.
    This guy is a HERO. YOU are trash.

    This is so wonderful. The cat town reminds me of Mortville from John Waters’ “Desperate Living”.

    I’m afraid he is hopelessly insane, and frankly, I have my doubts about our “host”.

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