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!! OMG, new Bat For Lashes video: Daniel! !!

We’ve been feeling the Stevie Nicks overtones on Bat For Lashes new single “Daniel” for a while now and so we’re happy to report that the song finally has a video. Directed by Johan Renck (The Knife, “Pass This On”), “Daniel” finds sparkle-stained BFL heroine Natasha Khan battling a posse of oddly-costumed assailants. Also, Toronto readers take note: We’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to Bat For Lashes’ April 25 show at The Mod Club sometime soon. Stay tuned for details. More tour dates via MySpace.

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    Wow. Once again, she brings it. Thanks for reminding me of her OMG.

    I don’t think anything surprises me after seeing her biking with furries in the “What’s a Girl to Do?” video.
    Why does she remind me of Liv Tyler…

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