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!! OMG, pweshuss: Mini Winstons !!

If these are what WINSTON looked like when he was a kitten it’s no wonder Rich puts up with his cranky antics.
These babies are so yawny! I know how they feel – I always feel this messed up after the clocks go forward.
Thanks to Kate for the tip! Via CUTE OVERLOAD.

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    They are sho shleepy! But since these are Himalayan kittens, I think they’re going to grow up to be long-haired furballs rather than what plushy Winnie is, a Blue Point Short Hair Exotic.

    Cute! I laughed so hard I almost cried because of the person talking to them. Graydon, how about a animal lovers talking in dumb voices to pets compilation?

    DAMMIT! If I wanted to see pussies this early in the morning, I’d look at a Playboy!

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