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!! OMG, we rock: White Guys !!

Finally! Something for us white guys! I sometimes feel like the whole world is against us…
Well, thanks to the blog WHITE GUYS YEAH! I no longer feel like a freak, a pariah, a ne’er-do-well. I feel liberated. I have found a resource of people I can relate to, like presidents 1-43, Gilligan, and Tom from Myspace.
Thanks to Jenny for the tip!

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    Go to the website, white guys yea or whatthefuckever
    and it clearly shows the statue of David, who was NOT a white man.
    idiots are idiotic.

    Is this a joke!!!

    I am a white guy and we have it better than anyone else! Use your brain buddy before you complain about being a victim!!

    White Guys Yeah! Noooooo Stupid Stupid Stupid site

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