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!! OMG, best pervy new blog: HEAVYPETTING !!

What do these two photos have in common, other than the artistically obscured sex acts they depict?
Yes, puppies and kitties. Animals are so attentive! The photos are from brand new Tumblr blog HEAVYPETTING. It’s like Lurid Digs (link NSFW) with pets.
See a couple more of our favorite photos after the jump.

(via Fourfour, link NSFW)

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    It’s funny when pets stumble in on their owners having sex and stay around to watch, curious and all.

    Disappointing. I love animals but I don’t want to see the pets, I want to see the FUCKING!

    The last one with the black furry cat is so cute. Like she wants to be part of the picture and pose too,.

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