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!! OMG, cute: Island Reef Job Video !!

Mitchell, a charismatic fey from Canada, looks like he’s getting a lot of votes for the highly coveted ISLAND REEF JOB in Australia. Take me with you!

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    I know! Adorable! I voted and voted but sadly he came in second (in the readers poll, though he’s still not out of the running).

    OMG…he is so cute…=) If he doesn’t get the job, he’s welcome to work on my reef anytime.

    Sadly the site lists the final 16 people chosen for the short list to get the job and Mitchell isn’t on it. But he should have been, the video and his personality are great!

    he’s cute. i’ll totally vote for him. and if he doesn’t get it, i’ll happily be a consolation prize.

    ya learn something new everyday…I hadn’t a clue what a “fey” was.

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