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!! OMG, danger: Cute Animal Alert !!

These aren’t just baby animals, they are BABY ANIMALZ! They’re the teeniest, freshest-from-the-womb, almost scary cutenesses. Okay, that baby Parakeet is actually kind of gross and I would probably abandon it by the side of the road. But the Fennec Fox and the Marmoset are adorable!
Thanks to Kate for the tip!

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    I think you guys will love Porkchop The Pig. He is a little guy with a ton of personality!!
    Check out his pictures at https://www.facebook.com/PorkchopThePig.

    All of them are so precious!

    Today, Plumb resides in Laguna Beach, California, with her second husband Kenneth Pace, a business consultant. She works as an artist, has served as a member of the Laguna Beach Board of Adjustments/Design Review Board since February 2002, and was elected chair pro-tem of that board in February 2005. She served as pro-tem of the board until her third eve plumb term expired in January 2008, at which time she declined to reapply for the board.

    the bird kinda looks like a fucked up testicle

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