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!! OMG, deleted ‘Twilight’ sex scene !!

I watched Twilight on an airplane, and aside from Robert Pattinson’s otherworldly beauty, the movie was sooooooo boring. It could have used a scene like this (totally SFW).

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    wdf dis aint even twilight

    Pattinson just looks creepy, and also looks like he smells or is in bad need of a shower. Twilight sucked-no pun intended 😛

    that guy looks like john mayer

    Lame. The clip, and you labeling it Twilight.

    Loved the movie! Just wonder if the ones that didn’t like it even read the book to have any idea what the movie was about.

    I thought the movie was dull and I can’t figure out why people think Robert Pattinson is even remotely attractive. ICK!

    yeah, like that was pretty lame-o, but I’d give the dude a hand or a blow job!!! 🙂

    I actually liked the movie, maybe it was because i set such low expectations for it

    Hmmm… how is this a sex scene again?

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