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!! OMG, dolphins to the rescue: Pirates Foiled !!

According to THIS REPORT a huge school of dolphins thwarted Somali pirates’ efforts to pillage Chinese ships in the Gulf of Aden. Though none of the Somalian ships are actually in the same photos as the dolphins, I’m inclined to believe this story cause it’s so fantastic. So, in my opinion, it’s all true and dolphins will soon take over the world.
It’s also not so far-fetched considering that in the 80s the US ATTEMPTED TO TRAIN DOLPHINS as aides in their military efforts.
From THE NEW YORK TIMES via Amanda.

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    Yea!!! I have kissed a dolphin….so does that mean I will have some special privileges? See my facebook page for proof! (But u have to get my facebook name! maybe try myspace first for clues?) 🙂

    you have got to be kidding me dolphins aren’t or can’t take over the world

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