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!! OMG gossip: For Miley Cyrus, having a boyfriend is a religious experience !!

Justin Gaston‘s penis makes Miley Cyrus “closer to God” [l.a. rag mag]
New dad Pete Wentz dances with strippers [pitnb]
Mischa Barton gets naked for British Cosmopolitan [socialite life]
OMG Michael Jackson‘s new London “cottage”! [oh la la]
Kanye West is humbled by South Park [towleroad]
OMG Freddie Prinz Jr. is pregnant! [pop sugar]
The Kate Moss nipple compilation [egotastic]
OMG plastic homo! [pop wired]
New York milks a cow [popbytes]
OMG new Star Trek TV ad! [popoholic]
Stuck-out tongue + six-pack abs = sexy? [uncoached]
OMG misspelled tattoos! [attu]
Gwyneth Paltrow continues to give unsolicited fashion advice [dlisted]
OMG celebrity sex addicts! [cityrag]
OMG cat with a British accent! [flabber]

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