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!! OMG gossip: Gay marriage legal in Iowa !!

Iowa Supreme Court has struck down the state’s ban on same sex marriage [ny times]
Meanwhile professors at Columbia are threatened with swastikas and nooses [cnn]
OMG Jamie Foxx stalker! [anything hollywood]
Malawi says “no” to Madonna adopting a second baby. What?? No one says “no” to Madonna!! [towleroad]
Vintage Robert Pattinson shirtless photos [l.a. rag mag]
OMG glitter Chow Chow! [glamour & glitter]
Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen together at last… On stage. [popbytes]
Reese Witherspoon loves Joaquin Phoenix‘s music [jewssip]
OMG live action video games! [unreality mag]
Dave August models new DMK underwear [american urge]
OMG Chinese hooker rate card! [blog of hilarity]
Project Runway will be airing on Lifetime after the Weinstein’s hand over a boatload of cash to NBC [popbytes]
What’s the dumbest movie adaptation you can think of? [pajiba]
OMG shirtless soccer players! [oh la la]

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    OMG glitter Chow Chow!!
    You should see my chow in his cute little winter coat his grammy gave him.

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