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!! OMG gossip: Governor Newsom? !!

OMG San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom is running for governor of California! [greg in hollywood]

Rihanna is partying her blues away [l.a. rag mag]

A male stripper brought out Michelle Rodriguez's "bisexual" side. Does that mean he made her feel like less of a lesbian? [allie is wired]

OMG new season of Weeds! [popbytes]

Jennifer Aniston "clingy"? Impossible! [anything hollywood]

OMG Americans are too dumb to understand the weather forecast [fourfour]

Will Madonna still be letting her crotch hang out when she's 60? We're taking bets. [jewssip]

The gentleman from yesterday's blind item may be the subject of today's as well, and this time in connection with another famous not-gay Scientologist [dlisted]

OMG, he's naked: Garden Gnome [tabloid prodigy]

100 "Single Ladies" do the dance and show their rings in London's Piccadilly Circus [oh la la]

OMG who buys CDs anymore? [towleroad]

OMG gossip: RIP Natasha Richardson
OMG gossip: Gavin Rossdale's secret gay past
OMG gossip: Shia LaBeouf should stop talking
OMG gossip: Britney's set list leaked
OMG gossip: No poon for Robert Pattinson

» posted by Frank on Tuesday, April 21, 2009
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