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!! OMG, he’s naked: Clive Owen !!

Clive Owen, who stars opposite Julia Roberts in Mr. & Mrs Smith II, I mean Duplicity, can be found flashing his tiddles in the 1991 film Close My Eyes. You can see the most important part of the movie in its full NSFW glory after the jump.

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    He is uncut an has awesome buttocks!

    orgeous body, beautiful well-rounded butts, and awesome UNCIRCUMCISED penis.What a sight!

    WOW.The first time I’ve seen these pictures, Clive handsome.

    hes uncut. and hes tottaly hot.

    he’s fucking gorgeous!!

    omg he makes me hungry and what body

    Looks nice and uncut to me, lucky man!

    Cut or uncut? I can’t tell.

    check that–if he knows what to do with it i know wifey is very happy

    i’m sure wifey is happy

    I agree with Jeremy….and Clive is even more handsome now than he was then. Nice thick one btw.

    I am impressed and pleased and lustful.


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