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!! OMG, he’s naked: Hugh Laurie !!

I don’t know how or why but Hugh Laurie is mooning us! And you can see the NSFW full moon from the House doctor after the jump!


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    his arse is stunning.would love to shove my cock up him.

    His butt’s not saggy; it’s decent for a guy his age. I’m more disappointed by the love handles, and guys in their 20’s have those, so whatev.
    On another note, that 2nd pic (the 1st with the track suit guy is funny. Take a picture, damn. (I would too, though.)

    I think Hugh is a sexy man. He doesn’t have the best bod, but it’s ok I still think he’s lovely. I also think it’s a given that if it says naked we’ll see ass, but not necessarily penis. Just go with it, if you don’t like go to the next post…simple.

    Oh god people…who cares? Naked means no clothes…so…he’s naked.

    Hugh Laurie was on the set filming a mini series called “Forty Something”. I believe his character’s name was Dr. Paul Slippery. Paul(Hugh) in the altogether, was a particular scene in a particular episode.

    It clearly states in the text below the headline exactly what you will be seeing. Naked doesnt have to mean full-frontal. It just means they arent wearing clothes. Doesnt take long to read a couple of lines to see what you are getting.
    Re the pics, in spite of the saggy bum I still find him strangely sexy…

    It’s Ben Hur!
    Tim and Eric’s extra of choice, aside from David, Richard and James, that is.

    How about, “OMG, he’s buttked!”

    I agree with DL. I’m always excited to see fronal, but mostly just see bare asses, which, while not bad, isn’t nearly as good

    Thanks for showing us Hugh’s old saggy ass, Miss WM.
    Is there any sizemeat to compensate?

    Is this what they mean by hiding the salami?

    Question: is there a way your headlines can distinguish the nakedness between a bare ass and a full frontal? I always get excited about seeing some celebrity peen, and then it just turns out to be butt (which is not that uncommon in the media). Can we develop a system for titling full frontal celebs differently than bare assed ones?

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