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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Vintage Andrew Prine !!

The horse ain’t the only one packing in these vintage shots of actor Andrew Prine. See the full pictures after the jump!

Click photos to enlarge:

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    OH MY!!!!!!!!


    He’s liable to hurt somebody with that thing!

    if only i had a time machine…

    I may have no idea who that guy is but I would love to have so fun with his…well everything

    I still have the Playgirl these pics came out in back in (mumblemumblemumble)

    Whatever happened to Andrew Prine, anyway? I vaguely remember him back in the 1960s and 70s.

    Prine is a theatre and movie actor with many credits during the 70’s & 80’s and still doing TV work today. Born in 1936 he is now over 70 years old. These photos come from a Penthouse created magazine “VIVA” from the 1970’s designed to compete (unsuccessfully) with Playgirl. There are also some really hot photos of pro baseball player Joe Pepitone who was swinging way more than a baseball bat.


    Damn! He’s 73 now, and still acting from looking at IMDb. Boy was he in his prime when those photos were taken in 1974 apparently. Of course maybe I’m taken with him partly because he’s not shaved, trimmed, or otherwise femanized.
    Thanks for sharing. Does anyone think his face has a similar look to Kevin Sorbo?

    He was in the V miniseries from the 80’s. He passed away a few years ago.

    Daaamn the last pics are ridiculous!
    Ride that pony!

    Looks like he’s picking up change he lost a the beach

    looks like he might hurt somebody with all that…..

    Now *that*, is a nice penis

    Ok… so this dates me but I remember him from when he was a sweet young man starring as a modern day cowboy following the rodeo circuit… I was just a kid but I had such a crush on him. He’s done all kinds of films and TV including a featured role in at least one John Wayne flick… a western called “Chisum.” He gets killed in that film… broke my heart! Later in his career he even did some soft core made for cable type films. He’s played the bad guy a lot… in fact after his looks began to fade he got a hard look that brought him many of those roles.
    But I will always remember him as that sweet tender hearted cowboy I loved to day-dream about when I was kid.

    Excuse me my fellow baby boomers, but the pics on the bottom are NOT of Mr. Prine but of Eddie Bloom. His pics are from Viva….however a different month.

    That’s what I call an endowment of the arts! Dick hangs down twice as far as the nuts: the definition of “hung.”

    Omg what a huge mammoth cock..I would be thrilled to deep throat and keep forcing it down my throat till he explodes

    Thanks for re-exposing Andrew. I remeber buying this mag and beating my meat looking at hime, his handsome fac and body–and that MEAT> POsed so comfortably. I think he really enjoyed posing naked. (I know I did)

    his pics r very nice and he got even better looking with age i know i would luv 2 meet him

    wnat a cock! what a big, big, girthy cock! Glorious so see and to suck! Though in my vagina it would hurt…unless he does lots of foreplay and “knows” how to do it well! Fantastic!

    Oh my lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happily, Joey is wrong. Prine is still living. Mutably is correct about the bottom pix. Not Prine. The lady posing with Prine in the other photos was his wife, Brenda Scott. They were actually married and divorced three times. The third time, the divorce took.

    Oops. Stupid autocorrect. I meant to reference mattelboy in my post immediately above.

    Well, I had to run right out and pick up the newish DVD release of the one-season cowboy TV show mentioned by Dan. The show was called “Wide Country.” It starred Prine, billed second to Earl Holliman, in all their black-and-white beauty. Prince had some serious chops. So sad his career went south over that Kupcinet girl’s death. It’s on Amazon for a little under $20. Fascinating series.

    Love these pictures, and remember Mr. Prine from the movie “The Miracle Worker” I think he played the part of Patty Duke’s brother….James.
    I never envisioned him without clothes.From these pictures, maybe I should’ve. What a penis…thick and long with a rounded head…just perfect for whatever pleases

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