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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, his butt: Jason Statham !!

Olympic diver turned actor, Jason Statham, has definitely not lost his athletic physique. See his buns peeking out from a hospital gown and his bulge outline as he jumps a fence in one of his films after the jump.

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    That man makes me MELT!Just oozing Maleness!

    Oh, that front bulge in his gown is soooooooooo fake!! One just has to look at his speedo shot to know there is not that much there. Still a damn sexy man.

    He was never in the Olympics, he did get 12th in the World Championships though. They are separate events.

    Consider, JDR, that no man jumping in and out of a pool all day is going to show much in his swimsuit. Plus the suit is black.

    The scenes in the hospital gown are from the film Crank. His character has just injected a drug that has caused a massive hard on that won’t go down – it’s seen sticking straight out in the film. So yeah what we see here would be a fake.

    Oh He’s hot,nice ass.
    But I’m sure that He isn’t stand on motocycle.

    If that bulge is real, then he’s one hung dude!!

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