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!! OMG, his butt: Mark Ruffalo !!

Mark Ruffalo bared his buns while boinking a broad and then ran around in a Santa Hat while cupping his package on screen, and you can see the NSFW pictures after the jump.
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    Shit, who cares about the butt?! Rent the unedited version of “In the cut” and see his nice fat Italian cock…SWEET!

    I agree with you. His cock is nice in the movie “In THe Cut”.

    I don’t understand comments like “who cares about the butt”…
    Are we not allowed to appreciate any other part of the male body besides the penis? They all pretty much look the same.

    Nice. I would have expected a little hairier, but that’s Hollywood for you…

    Sorry, Chris…it’s ALWAYS about the cock!

    OK, he has a nice butt.

    Sorry, Chris…it’s ALWAYS about the cock!
    Certainly not for me. 🙂

    not bad, not bad. He’s totally doable. I’ve had a thing for him since seeing him on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    Mark Ruffalo is not shy about his body. There are lots of pictures of him showing his cock; good pictures at that. Some of the celeb nude sites have them. He’s the total package: very handsome, looks great naked, and from what folks who have interviewed him have told me, a super nice guy. Totally edible, in my opinion.

    Um, that’s not is actual dick in “In the Cut”. May be his characters, but if it’s the scene I’m thinking about then no way.

    Like his front better, totally like the guy as an actor, had brain surgery, right???

    Knew he wasnt shy about his body but i’ve never seen all of THAT.

    What movie is that?

    Hate to bring you down, but I have seen it up close and it is not that big. Good thing ‘real’ penis is not that important on this site. Besides that, he is a super nice guy, is very nice looking and has a great butt. You go Mark. Now move on to someone else.

    What movie is this from??

    Wow, very nice……….. I would definitely bang him good.

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