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!! OMG, how homo-erotic: Adidas !!

For some bizarre reason Adidas has come up with the gayest ad campaign in the world. They have created a little web app that let’s you pick two sports player people (athletes?) to swap jerseys in front of your eyes.
Click HERE to see some straight-man pectorals.

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    It says, that its a ladies game, but wouldn’t it be kind of weird if a girl swapped her shirt with a guy?!
    I’d definitely like to see them swap a bit more, like the shorts… 😉

    Sshhh, guys, they think they’re cool or funny. Just let em think it. Maybe it’ll become a trend…
    Nah, clearly aimed at a gay audience. I agree the slo-mo seals it.

    OMG! Now…where’s the make-out button????

    Once you start sharing clothes you are officially boyfriends.

    Now why would a straight guy want to watch that. Then watch it again, in slo-mo, with the camera zoomed in on their pecs?

    You didn’t mention the “slo-mo” replay and the pulsating soundtrack…

    there’s just no way this can’t be aimed at gays.
    it’s TOO gay.
    I guess they could be preying on straight men’s latent homosexual desires…

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