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!! OMG, it’s coming: Final Fantasy XIII !!

This preview of Final Fantasy XIII looks so incredible I might have to finally break down and buy a Playstation III. That and I still haven’t finished Final Fantasy XII… All I’ve been playing lately is Wii Fit. I need to get back on the lazy train.

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    Cant wait for this! It will be better on the PS3 too as it will have full HD graphics!

    I have all the FF series so far, I love and adore it. Can’t wait for this next installment, so excited!
    This looks like it’s going to be released March/April next year for us non-Japanese. They will be getting it in June/July.

    omg, i am so with you. i’ve been playing these games since i was 8. too bad i have no source of income ATM, via my shakey voice in interviews.
    h8 being nervous
    anyways, the buff blonde in the new game guy give me total chub erretime i see him

    I am still playing X-2 and XII — they’ll keep me company until XIII comes out, whenever that will be…

    It’s also on XBOX 360. Which I have. Because it’s less expensive and money is TIGHT.
    How do you feel about FFXII, btw? I have my … opinions on it.

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