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Big news! OMGBLOG.COM now has a mobile version. Access it from your cell phone, Blackberry, or iPhone for a quick and easy fix without all the waiting and data use.
Point your mobile browser here:
Just please don’t be cooing at pictures of kittens while driving. It’s not safe.

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    I have an iPhone too, and I would like to be able to view the full site.
    Not being able to search OMGBlog is driving me mad lol

    I have to agree with Charles. I check OMGBlog on my phone every day on break.
    This new mobile version is gonna give me more time to check other stuff (i.e. email, myspace, my blog…)
    Thanks a bunch! ;D

    How do I switch back to the full version? I have an iPhone, and I like to see the whole site. I don’t like the shortened version.

    You don’t know how long I’ve been DYING for this… lol I read OMGblog every day, and getting on it from my phone is hell. Thanks!!!

    Glad you offer a mobile OMG Blog! Just one question, why can’t I leave a comment when using mobile?

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