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!! OMG, she’s back: Superstar Angelica !!

Remember Angelica, the 9-year-old Filipino girl who sang “And I Am Telling You” and “Listen” from the Dreamgirls soundtrack?
Well now she’s 10-years-old and her performance is only getting more polished. She’s even got CGI background! (via !! omg ning !!)

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    Wow she is really amazing!!We are so proud of you!!!Pinoy!Ang galing talaga!CAN WE ASK FOR MORE VIDEOS 2 COME!!!Keep improving my girl…an avid fan

    proud to be Pinoy! you are great!
    keep it up!

    very talented. proud to be pinoy. dream high little girl. more power. im one of ur avid fans. kip safe and god speed!!!

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