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!! OMG, their butts: Runners !!

Olympic runner Nick Symmonds runs naked with other athletes at a nudist training camp in an ad for Nike. See the NSFW screen grabs and link to the video after the jump!


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    If it’s censored or you know it’s going to be censored,why even post it.what a waste of a click.That youtube post was useless.

    it may be a blur suck…but damn some of those male asses were hot, wouldnt mind munching some of them…but we could would have been better with out the women…

    OMG He’s a pocket gay!
    I just saw on his web site that he’s

    Blur suck blur suck *chants

    So who’s going to infiltrate Nike and get that uncensored video on the net?

    I agree with Brian S. – Blurs DO suck.

    Blurs Suck

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