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!! OMG, he’s naked: Johnathon Schaech !!

Yet another model/actor takes his clothes off for the camera! Is it because they’re less shy about their bodies or is it because they’ll take any attention they can get? Either way – you can see Christina Applegate’s ex-husband’s butt after the jump, as well as some carefully placed peek-a-boo penis and some fruit-bowl action. NSFW.

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    i can’t think of anything i would have ever seen him on big or small screen.

    small butt but hot

    you can see his penis! click on the first picture so that its in a new window then zoom in. you can see it by that girls ass

    And let’s not forget Johnathon admitting on Rosie’s show that he was bi and had a crush on Tom Cruise…seriously.

    I just watched the show doomed generation, interesting, he sorta played bi, only a butt and chest shot of the guy, now Duval, little more there, view from behind climbing into the tub, quite a bit of junk showing, could really nail that one, bad ending, tough lighting, still liked it.

    and let’s not forget Schaech jerking off and licking the cum off his hand in DOOM GENERATION. (can’t remember if you actually see him naked in it or not but you definitely see james duval’s nuts.

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