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!! OMG, he’s naked: Nick Oliveri !!

Singer and bass guitar-player from Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Oliveri, apparently used to perform nude before the band stopped touring. Check out the full frontal low-hangers after the jump.
(Image Source)

(Nude Image Source)

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    I’d love to give this man head. When he was with the Queens of the Stone Age, he frequently performed in the nude. Wish I could have seen him when he was with that band. It must have been super hot.

    What cock and love those balls!

    Like the dick, not sure about the low hangers though. But I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot

    omg he is so hung and worth the pics of him

    Thanks for the credit, I’m a huge fan of your blog!

    great junk/tool! i have been a fan for some time… i would like to gnaw on all of that.

    check him out in the Vid Sick Sick Sick, hella sexy…..They are a wayyy chill band.

    He kind of looks like a skinhead, but inspite of that I think he’s really hot. His dick is huge

    I’d be all over him! His main pic is not so hot but then after the jump he is kinda hot! Those low hangers NEED to be banging my chin as he fucks my mouth good and hard.

    Nick,my man,nature really gave you something to work with..you are really packing a tool there.Those huge fucking balls!!! Could you imagine how those would feel slapping someones ass..I just wantto hold them..now thats a real man…paul

    OK, so hot meat, but he needs to do some shaving and general cleaning up first. I guess he would be good glory hole material. What do you guys think are the balls TOO low? or tasty? I’m torn.

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