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!! OMG, he’s naked: Rogério Dragone !!

Rogério Dragone from Big Brother Brazil Season 4 turned out to be a big brother himself. Check out tons of photos from his NSFW pool boy themed photo shoot from G Magazine after the jump.

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    he has erectons, but he is gay, gay, gay.

    some few years ago, in Rio de janeiro, I penetrated his wonderful butts: he enjoyed me intensely!

    In his case his cock is too curved: that could mean Peyronie”s disease.Rogerio; beware!

    fat and long uncut cock;for you US ladies; beautiful well rounded protruding butts, for men who want to penetrate him deep:he is known to enjoy this! BisexualBrazilian!

    big uncircumcised curved cock and very attractive buttocks!

    ummm … fucking gorgeous! Talk about wet dreams!

    Thanks for sharing. He is SO Hot!!!!

    Damn, did they give him the whole magazine? I kept scrolling, and scrolling….
    I get a d-bag vibe, but I guess if I had what he’s workin’ with, I would be, too. Dayum. And LOVE the hair.
    What? ppl think he’s ugly? NOWAI!

    could all of you guys who think he’s ugly please post links to your photos so that we can check you out (and objectively evaluate your looks)? while he might not be the most stunning guy on the planet he’s a long way from ugly …

    OMG–sort of ugly? You’ve gotta be kidding!!! Beautiful face, bod, and cock–Jesus–you must be perfect, so I guess you have the hottest man in the world, right? Jesus–some people…

    big dick, fuzzy butt, AND he likes puppy dogs ?! works for me.

    I agree sorta ugly, and by the way if you have dick like that and no ass don’t turn around.

    Love the fuzzy butt!

    Ugly?!? I don’t think he’s incredibly gorgeous but I certainly wouldn’t say he is ugly.

    in the one photo after he’s trimming the hedges outside, he kind’ve looks like Steve-o, but I doubt Steve-o’s packin like THAT!
    VERY GOOD POST. it’s posts lke these that make the butt shot posts bearable

    Ugly ? are you nuts
    he is hot and i love Brazilian cock

    I always get a hard on when I’m trimming the hedges too.
    @ dma: I agree with you on your comment. Kinda ugly, but the peen is nice.


    Dudes liable to hurt somebody with that thing!

    he’s kinda ugly. beautiful penis though

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