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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Sam J. Jones !!

That’s right! Hunk and star of 1980’s Flash Gordon, Sam J. Jones, posed for Playgirl! And you can see all the NSFW photos after the jump.

Click image to see original size:

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    that is one fat 80s cock…

    damn!is he half black from the weist down! no erection SHOT?!

    Dang he’s hot. And packin quite a bit. ^^

    now THAT is a dick!

    That bush is sooo hot! I wish men today would grow out their bushes. He looks so masculine!!

    I remember stealing this issue of Playgirl while I was in highschool…..this man was one of my first jack off fantasies. Looking at the pics now still gives me that tingling feeling in my crotch!
    Yes….I am THAT old. LOL

    i have the original playgirl with him in it, in plastic that i stole from my older sister-n-law so i could of course jack off while drooling. i have the original with brad pitt naked in plastic as well but i bought that one.

    At that time, there was no hard-ons in Playgirl. I’ll bet he’s one hell of a DILF now.

    when I was a kid I used to steal Playgirls from the local drugstore in my small town. I remember these well in one of those ‘best of’ issues!

    ZOMG!!! I think that has to be the biggest one ever featured here.
    Damn thats big.
    I totally thought he was hot when I first saw Flash Gordon. And then totally thought he was still hot when he was on that highwayman show.

    Holy shit, this puts a whole new spin on “flash” gordon!!

    Now 54 (born Sept 1954) and still working. Did some TV work on the TV version of “Flash Gordon” in 2007 or 2008 and looks absolutely nothing like he did in these photos – not bad just different.

    Good job man, GOOD JOB

    Omg what a hot piece of meat man what I wouldnt give to taste that deep in my throat

    Well damn, how old are these pics? I’m 43 and saw these when i was just out of high school … way to be current lol
    (It IS a fine piece of man though!)

    they are very old fotos. they ve been with me for last couple of years. on the other hand his cock seems to be very little.

    perfect dick and loving the manly bush. would love to see what he looks like today,

    He was absolutely perfect.
    thanks for this.

    OMG!!! My mother used to subscribe to Playgirl and I was about 15 when this came out. I used to jerk off all the time looking at this hot man. Thank you so much — I think I have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom now.

    Thank you thank you thank you!
    Too bad it’s Playgirl though: they never get erections in that mag.

    Am I the only one that thinks the head on that dick would hurt just a little? …..

    OMG, HE’S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh God!!
    I can’t distinguish between who’s better!! Justin Kirk, Zach Quinto or him!!!!!!

    Now we’re getting warm!!!


    I’m one of your ‘straight’ blog readers. I found this interesting because my wife dated Sam a long long time ago. I showed her this post and she said they must have had a ‘fluffer’ on site when they took these pics. She said he isn’t small, but he isn’t that big normally soft.
    Funny, how 20+ years later I find this stuff that has a connection to my life (well my wife’s life).

    Hm. Well, at least the size queens will shut up, now.
    JimmyRob’s comment is interesting.

    Don’t be jealous :-)))

    I’m a straight girl…thank you thank you for the pics…btw, anybody got a time machine so i can go back and hop on this man and slobber all over his balls??

    Jimmy Rob, maybe you shouldnt slander this obviously hot man. Actually, what are you still doing googling for this man’s picture after 20 years? Maybe you feel that you cant “measure up” to him? lol

    I miss the hairy man-bushes of the 80’s. The naked guys of now look like they have the pubic regions of 10 y/o girls.

    He’s let himself go in recent years, but he’s still a very handsome man. Many of these pictures aren’t in the Playgirl issue I have, though I’ve heard he either posed again or just had the same pictures printed in another issue.

    The sexiest man on the planet! i hate to think of the of the amount of boyjuice ive lost watching Flash Gordon’s scenes of him in those leather shorts:)

    Awful circumcision scars!

    Sam plays himself in the new movie Ted. He looks great for 59. He has an incredible body with big guns. Full head of hair which is now silver, Still has that handsome face and bone structure. He hasn’t let himself go at all. Hot as ever!!

    He’s attending the London film & Comic Con this year and it’s going to feel strange meeting a celebrity who I know what his cock looks like 😀

    I’d wrap my legs around that in a NY second! In response to DV, I’d love to find out how much it hurts. My experience is the pleasure far outweighs a little bit of entry discomfort, actually even increases the pleasure!

    I shoplifted that issue of Playgirl because I was too young , and embarrassed , to bring it up to the counter of my local drugstore. One of my first gay crushes, when I wasn’t old enough to understand what it meant. I only know that his pictures got my DICK as HARD as did the ladies in my dad’s Playboy magazines!

    I think this may have been the first guy I jacked off to. It was these pics. I still will. Those are some hot pics.

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