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!! OMG, how awkward: Boners !!

The sometimes hot, sometimes funny, always entertaining new blog AWKWARD BONERS is my new daily obsession. These pants just fold that way, I swear!
See a few more awkward photos after the jump.





    This is Horriblarious.
    Pure gold…

    I love these pics… but the one in the first pic looks like a guy named eddie from cape twon.

    teehee! those are funny pictures. i’ve never understood how guys can walk around with thise things flapping between their legs. at least with gals it’s all “tucked away” and they don’t get boners like that. lolz.

    …an entirely new form of erotica—pesky boner photos!!!

    I like the last pic! Yummy bulge! I also like the guy in green with the number 29! Yum!

    I hope this becomes a regular feature! These pics are one reason why I still love the NY Subways. I saw a great one this morning standing right in front of me on the #1 Uptown. Better than coffee!

    The boner never lies. It expresses what the owner is feeling, dreaming, and sometimes thinking. So if you really want to know whats on a guys mind, you might want to check out his crotch.

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