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!! OMG, how limber: Brittany Hine !!

This little prancer sure knows how to jazz up a dance routine. I think one day she’ll give Felix, winner of the World Pole Dance Competition, a run for her money. Jazz hands will look amazing upside down. Check out Miss World Pole Dance after the jump.

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    Though she’s good for her age, she’s hardly anything special. I do love me some fouettes though. Oh well. You can tell that someone sped up the video at parts, so that she stays in sync with the music though.

    I don’t know what world you’re living in, but those two girls are uncomparable

    She definetely has the skills. I just don’t like how she keeps spinning and spreading her legs.
    It gets boring fast. I know how to judge dancing based on the experience of watching “So You Think You Can Dance”.
    Repeating one same movement excessively can kill it.

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