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!! OMG, they’re naked: Real World/Road Rules Butt Contest !!

The MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island saw some ass when a few of the douchey frat-boy male contestants went cheek to cheek in a best ass contest. Check out the NSFWishy video after the jump. One of the guys seems to really arch his back! He’s in heat!

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    “We want to see dicks, hun!”
    Speak for yourself. There is much more to the male body to be appreciated than just the penis.

    Whoever the guy in the gray is, has my vote. Yum. And the one on the right of him is also pretty attractive

    Sorry to be negative, but hasn’t this been around for a while? (Not that I’m complaining. Well, I guess I am, but I’m not attacking you for it.)

    dan gets my vote.
    n he’s waaaay cuter too.

    I must say, lately your standards for nudity are really low.
    We want to see dicks, hun!

    #1 – Johnny
    #2 – Dan
    #3 – Kenny

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