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!! OMG, he’s naked: Ashton Kutcher !!

The trailer for Ashton’s new movie Spread was released and you can see his NSFW cheeks, not spread, after the jump.

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    Meh. No penis no fun…

    Well, Graydon, I’d love to eat those buns for breakfast! (and lunch and dinner, and snacks LOL)

    With every passing year, he gets sexier. Love him.

    you really need to learn the diff between nake and a ass shot..

    He’s desperate
    His celebrity status has fallen over the years and his name just doesnt make headlines
    Thats why I think he chose the nude route
    Hey if anything Im not complaining
    Show more actually

    Damn the bitch just looks too good!!

    ASHTON,Ashton,ashton…the pleasures I could give to that smooth azz of yours…

    Wow… And no credit to Alexander Calder and his stabile in the last pic?
    What’s an artist got to do to get some credit around here?

    That being said, his movie looks like crap. Have you heard the ridiculous voice he uses for this role? Hilariously bad.

    Holy yum! I’ve been waiting YEARS for this day 🙂 I mean the Seann William Scott/Ashton Kutcher kiss held me over, but yummy delicious is that a nice ass! That last shot is so fuckin hot! Oh that lucky bitch.

    wil Lemay is gay. Puffy’s butt boy, heard Ashton was too.

    Hylo: He’s desperate?
    Of course he’s desperate…for a spanking!
    I’m glad Ashton is finally ready to reveal his true self: a bottom.

    hey i cant belive noone relized this but you can see his cock in the movie “the butterfly effect” roughly half way through the movie he wakes up in a bed with his wife. his nose bleeds and he flys onto the floor. when he does this just pause at the right time to see. enjoy 😀

    Fuck me hard , fuck me :3

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