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!! OMG, he’s naked: Cristiano Ronaldo !!

Cristiano Ronaldo had his shorts pulled up by a rival soccer player and since he doesn’t APPEAR TO WEAR UNDERWEAR on the field (or alternately he wears ONLY HIS UNDERWEAR) his dilly flopped out. See a couple NSFW screen grabs of the event after the jump. It’s a bit blurry cause it looks like it was flopping around pretty good, but you can tell it’s nothing to scoff at.
EDIT: Oops – I totally didn’t look at these pictures properly – I thought the blurry head underneath the shorts in the second photo was his wiener falling out. But OMG reader Mark has sent us a link to a better view of the goods which you can see after the jump along with my originally non-nude pics. Sowwy!
DOUBLE EDIT: So the nude is a fake. Oy. What a bust of a post! Oh well, at least there’s peen, and you can pretend it’s real!
TRIPLE EDIT: Loyal reader CB sent us the proof that the last pic is fake. The body and penis belong to someone named Angel Barrachina. Proof is after the jump.

Click Image to Enlarge:
And one more of Angel Barrachina’s perky wiener just for fun:

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    I see no peen! What tomfoolery is this? I demand real nudity!

    i9 see a jockstrap bulge…but no willy!

    I’m confused. I see nothing. As a matter of fact, it looks like he DOES have underwear on to me…?

    i dont see anything.

    is this real? i see the nude one, byt if that is his dick, well he basically is the perfect man, in every way. Now we need to help him open that damned jammed closet door.

    wasnt that nude pick proven fake already. its his head on another body.

    is that last fully nude real?

    The bottom picture is Ángel Barrachina – Big Bro Spain winner, with Cristiano’s head photo-shopped onto it.

    That nude picture is faked. I’ve seen that picture before and it is of another person. They just pasted Renaldo’s face and took out the tattoo.

    I just checked out the pic of Ángel Barrachina and well he should have been on here, since his isn’t faked. Plus Imo he looks hotter that Ronaldo.

    You can tell that’s not Ronaldo because Ronaldo’s body is way more defined and is a little bulkier.
    Ronaldo all the way!

    omg id so hit that! he is so fit omg! and he even looks better naked 😛

    he s soooo cuuteeee but he ss dick is n t sooo bigggg

    i wanna fuck him so hard up the butt and watch him cum all over my face

    omg i would so fuck him all day long i love his body and cock 100000%!!

    please, send me always free full naked,nude, open & hot panis of all famous boys,teens,all stars and cocking together with others.

    Why would he be circumcised? That is ridiculous.


    That is very disgusting


    are you crazy.?

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