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!! OMG, he’s naked: Fred Durst !!

Bearish bad boy Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit allegedly has a sex tape. See his alleged and really NSFW hard biscuit after the jump.

Click image to see original size:

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    you need to give us girl warning!

    If a straight guy said that about needing “dude warning,” you might think he had an issue or two to work out…

    this is like 5 years old!

    Well I think sex tape implies it, dma.
    Yeah…Saw this a while ago. Not impressed. He’s a skeez and a douche, so whatever dick he has is therefore nullified.

    Oh and he also looks too much like my friend’s jackass husband to be considered attractive.

    Nice cock, but I don’t find men covered in tattoos attractive. I think it’s a sign of poor self-esteem.

    Pierce, you’re ridiculous

    i don’t care what anyone says, this dude used to be hot. a douche bag, yes, but hot nonetheless.

    I would absolutely do him!!! He’s hot in a trailer park/my mechanic/construction worker kinda way! Plus, extra points for the hairy chest and pleasure trail.

    i’d at least suck him off.

    saw the tape years ago. I find him ugly in every way possible. ugly face, ugly body, ugly attitude, ugly dick.

    that is one ugly penis

    ewww. just ewww. ive banged some ugly guys but he is just horrible looking.
    and his cobain tattoo just makes me want to cry.

    I have always found him super-hot. I’ve seen the sex tape pics, but not the stage one (and the one w/his skivvies is hot, too).

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot is this man. MMMMMM! Love the rough trade look, and LB put out some great tunes. I’d do Fred anywhere.

    So HOT…Love his hairy chest and everything about him. I wish I could suck on his perfect sized cock and get fucked by him. He’s so manly and confident…super sexy.

    GDI, I don’t want to want him. I can’t stand him.
    But it would srsly be the hatefuck of the century, fo’sho.
    He says the stupidest things in that vid. Quit narrating and get on with it. We can see what she’s doing. And you do not sound sexy.
    STFU and moan some more.

    A donkey has a big dick too! You going to go for that as well? Their both animals.

    Fred Durst is my fantasy fuck. I would let him do me anywhere, anytime, he is so so so hot…..

    Fred Durst is beyond gross!!

    I wanna ride

    Good god is that an ugly ugly cock.

    I **love** that so many people talk about how small and/or ugly his cock is.
    It’s a nice cock, a nice size and looks like it would be an AWESOME ride.
    If you think that’s “small”, then you are one stretched out ho and fucking you would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway….

    ok notice the pic when shes going for the peen..her hand is taking up all the length..not the bottom picture is a product of a “pumping device”..people are really dumb, it is small

    No thanks. And didnt Superhead say he wasn’t all that in bed anyways.

    delicious cock, I want to suck it.

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