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!! OMG, he’s naked: Frederic Cermeno !!

Rugby player Frederic Cermeno likes to roll around naked on the beach for the cameras. Check out his NSFW scr(ot)um after the jump. Rugby joke!

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    never heard of him

    Blah Blah “This is so old” Blah!
    Who cares how old or how new ANY of the pictures are that are posted! just enjoy! for the first time OR for the millionth time. shesh!
    BTW, Nobody is impressed if you have already seen something (even if it was SOOOOOOOO long ago)

    there is a video of him on dailymotion

    Where cn I see more dieux de la stade guys naked? I want more!

    Where the fuck is he when I go to the beach?!?!

    What’s up with the shaved pits?

    This is so old!Or do they not have the Dieux du Stade DVDs in the states?
    I have the calendar and DVD at home.

    That is one sweet, muscular ass

    damn he is one fucking as motherfucker……love his bush,jawline,eyes,hair….flawless

    That’s a spicy meatball”s” !!

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